Laser Welding is a welding process in which heat is produced by a high energy laser beam placed towards the work piece. The laser beam heats and melts the work pieces edges, procreate a joint when cooled.

Laser Welding is used in electronics, communication and aerospace industry, for manufacture of medical and scientific instruments, for joining miniature components.

Laser welding process

Energy of narrow laser beam is highly concentrated at 10 8-10 11 W/in 2 (10 8-10 10 W/cm 2), diminutive weld pool forms very fast (for about 10 -6 sec.). Solidification of the weld pool surrounded by the cold metal is as fast as melting. Since the time when the molten metal is in contact with the atmosphere is short, no contamination occurs and therefore no shields (neutral gas, flux) are required.

The joint in Laser Welding is formed either as a sequence of overlapped spot welds or as a continuous weld.

Advantages of Laser Welding

  • Easily automated process;
  • Dissimilar materials may be welded;
  • Controllable process parameters;
  • Very small heat affected zone;
  • Very narrow weld may be obtained;
  • High quality of the weld structure;
  • small delicate work pieces may be welded;
  • Vacuum is not required;
  • Low distortion of work piece.

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