Electric arc welding is a welding process that uses electricity as a source of generating heat to melt metal through a welding power supply, and create electric arc between the electrode and the metal materials. Or arc welding is a fusion welding method which allows the heat supply to fuse metal to obtained the electric arc between the base metal and the electrode.

in this articles, readers are expected to know the components of electric arc welding which has been explain with full diagram below. you can read full articles on electric arc welding. 

The followings listed below are components of electric arc welding:

  1. Welding Machine

Welding machine is one of the most important equipment. It can be either A.C or D.C. The A.C welding machine has a transformer that reduce the input voltage of 220-440V to 80-100v. While the D.C welding machine has a transformer-rectifier welding set or an A.C motor-generator set or petrol/desel engine- generator set.

Arc welding machine

2. Electrode Holders

The electrode holder is design to clip the electrode with the teeth at desired angle, It is available in different sizes according to the ampere rating from 50 to 500 ampere. It function is to hold the electrode strongly at one position.

3. Cables or Leads

The cables plays an important role as it transfer the current from the machine to work piece. They are made of copper and aluminum. The cables could be 900 to 2000 fine wires twisted together for greater and stronger strength. The external surface of the cable are made of insulating layers like rubber, reinforced fibre or heavy rubber coatings.

4. Cable Connectors and Lugs

The cable connectors are purposely design to easily connect and diconnect the cable between welding machine and eletrode holder. These connectors are design according to the current capacity and the cable used.

5. Chipping Hammer

The chipping are used to remove unwanted welding oxide (slag) from the work piece. The chipping hammer is design in chisel shape and has a one pointed end.

6. Wire Brush, Power Wire Wheel

The wire brush is use after the chipping hammer has remove the slag particles. It function is to completly clear away slag from the workpiece. The wire brush is also used to remove dirt from the workpiece before welding. It is available as portable machine tools and manual wire brush.

7. Protective Clothing:

Protective clothing is one of the important equipment that must not left out because it all safety to the welder. It consists of the hand gloves, leather apron, cap, high ankle shoes, leather sleeves and etc. which protect the welder from heat, Spark, infrared and ultraviolet rays.

8. Screen or Face Shield:

The face shield are purposely design to protect the eyes and face from ultraviolet and infrared light produced during welding.

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