Air break system is considered as one of a high power breaking system in an automobile engine. It is common on buses, heavy vehicle, trucks and etc. In air braking system its uses air to produce friction force between the brakes and the tires. This type of brake system is similar to hydraulic brakes. Their different is the source of braking which is compressed air and hydraulics.

At the end of this article, the reader is expected to understand principle of air braking system and its advantages.

Principle of Air brake system

The air braking system mainly consists of a air filter, brake pads, compressor, Reservoir and valves. The compressor plays an important role here as it drown air from atmosphere through a filler and compressed it. The air is allowed to pass to a reservoir through the unloader valve. This valve is opened at a predetermined reservoir pressure. The air is supply to each wheel through the brake valve which is controlled by the driver. The driver can also control intensity of braking according to the requirement. If the brake lever is pressed, the pressure in the reservoir is released and pushes the brake paddles towards the rolling wheels (tires).

Advantages of air brake

  1. They are easy to install on chassis because it is interconnected by pipes.
  2. Air brake system are much more powerful than the ordinary mechanical or hydraulic brakes and that is the reason they are exclusively used in heavy vehicles.
  3. Air brake system are clean.
  4. They have higher operating circle
  5. They are compact

Today we have discussed about air brake system. If you have any query, ask by commenting. Thanks for reading…