Principle of Concrete Pumps

A concrete pumps are made of cylinder hydraulic pump with two head. It works by drawing the liquid concrete through the down piston from the hopper (concrete storage) and allows its to pass through cylinder to the other head by pressure pushing it into the discharge outlet pipe. The function of the valve is to open the cylinder piston to the hopper so that the concrete can be drowned.
The newly design of the concrete pumps are develop with high-pressure pumping which allows the concrete to be pump at any length and heights in the construction site.

Principle of Concrete Pump

Selection Concrete Pumps

Before selecting concrete pump, one need to consider the requirements of the construction project. The following listed below is what you should consider before the selection of concrete pumps:

  • Purpose of the concrete pump
  • Difficulties in construction casting
  • Manufacturer of the concrete pump
  • Price and economic factors

1. Purpose of the concrete pump:

The selection of concrete pump should completely serve it purpose. That is, the selected pump will be designed to suit the type of construction project. For example, if a concrete pump is to be used for multi-storey buildings where casting will be done at the top of the building, the type of pump needed for this project is boom concrete pump or if a concrete pump is needed to fill the mid-portion of a tunnel under construction the boom concrete pump is useless. That’s why it is advisable to know different types of concrete pump and their uses .

2. Difficulties in construction casting:

As mentioned above, before selection of concrete pump, it involve basic knowledge on types of concrete pump and the types of job they fit on. The Difficulties of casting need to be considered for the type of pump that will be selected. For example, using a ground line concrete pump for a large construction project its a big waste of time. Ground concrete pump are used for small construction projects where the areas cannot be easily accessible.

3. Manufacturer of the concrete pump

Before selecting or buying concrete pump, the contractor are expected to make proper findings about the manufacturer of the concrete pump and adequate testing before buying it.
Concrete pump works with high pressure which enables it to pump liquid concrete through the pipe. A good concrete pump will be able to produce a long-term pressure, if it breakdown before average working hour, the concrete pump will not serve it purpose.

4. Prize and economic factors

Considering prize and economic factors when selecting concrete pump must be able to perform more than the rate it was brought. Experience contractor need to be there for better negotiation and testing to avoid buying underperforming concrete pump at very high rate.