Electric arc welding is a welding process that uses electricity as a source of generating heat to melt metal through a welding power supply, and create electric arc between the electrode and the metal materials. Or arc welding is a fusion welding method which allows the heat supply to fuse metal to obtained the electric arc between the base metal and the electrode.

Welding as whole can be dangerous when it comes lack of knowledge on safety practice. These could lead serious injury or death for failures to obey these rules and regulations. With the advance technology, safety practice in welding has reduced and arrested. The following explained below are common safety precautions and regulations to be practice to avoid damage or destruction in arc welder.

at the end of this articles, you’ll get to understand the safety precaution in arc welding . The following explained below will expose you to safety to be practice before using an electric arc welding

FirstĀ Aid

First thing to be considered in a welder workshop should be first aid. in an industry were hard work that involve metals are used little accident must occur, if care is not taken big one. it is advisable for one person to be well trained in first aid to treat injuries before taken to hospital,

Eye protection

Ultraviolet light is very effective when it comes to eye damaging. It causes inflammation of the cornea and burns the eyes retinas. this condition is called arc eye. To prevent eyes exposure to brightness welding goggles and helmet with dark face plates will be used. The advance technology has introduced auto darkening welding hood with 90×110 mm cartridge and 3.78×1.85 in viewing area. These electronic device (helmet) automatically darken when exposed to ultraviolet light from the arc light. To protect the welder, transparent welding curtains often surround the welding area.

fig show: welding shield

Safety from fire, heat and explosion

Body needs to be protected from electric arc or flames produce during welding operation. To prevent these continuous heat and sparks, the welder is expected to wear protective clothing which includes, heavy leather gloves, leather apron, cap, high ankle shoes, leather long sleeves and etc. To avoid explosion and fire risk, the exposure of oxygen to air should be limited and all combustible materials should be kept always from the workshop.

Environmental pollution

Some types welding processes like shielded metal arc welding and flux-cored arc welding produces dangerous smoke that contains different types of oxides. In this situation serious safety need to practice to avoid greater danger to the welder. It is advisable for welder to work at open surrounding or workshop with adequate ventilation.

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