Concrete pumps are machine tools used for transferring liquid concrete from the storage to the place of casting by pumping. In this article, you’ll get to know types of concrete pump based on the types of work and their pumping pressure.

Concrete Pump

Types of Concrete Pump

1. Boom Concrete Pump

Boom concrete pumps are common on large construction site where multi-storey buildings needs to be constructed, so as to reach different height with liquid concrete. The pump are positioned in one particular place in the construction site. However, it has been difficult transporting concrete to the height of buildings which has involve the use of wheel barrow and head pan but brings inconveniences to the workers. Most construction company now provide boom pumps to make the easier for their workers. Boom pump are placed where it will easily reach it required destination and its arm can extend up to 75 metres. The pumping of the concrete is fast in such a that, it moves large volume of concrete within short period of time.

Fig 1: Boom concrete pumps

2. Ground or Line Concrete Pump

Ground line concrete pump are mainly used for small construction projects where wheel barrow or carrying of concrete is not required or areas that cannot be easily accessible. Ground concrete pump consists of series of connected pipes positioned at the back of the truck. Ground concrete pump ease delivering of concrete through tight spaces, like alleys between houses and pumping concrete across rough and uneven terrain that would be difficult for staff operating wheelbarrows. This type of pump is commonly used than of the boom concrete pumps.

Fig 2: Ground concrete pump