Concrete forms serve as a solid barrier which helps to hold the fluid concrete in place until it get strong and acquire a particular shape. The purpose of the form is to mold the concrete and give particular shape in which the concrete contained. Well, the new concrete form system are typically designed with additional features like surface pattern, insulation and effect of the concrete cast.

Types of Concrete Form and their Applications

The following explained below are types of concrete forms used in concrete casting. They are:

  • Steel Concrete Form
  • Wooden Concrete Form
  • Concrete Wall Forms
  • Foam Concrete Form
  • Insulated Concrete Form

1. Steel Concrete Form

Steel concrete form is said to be the best and long lasting concrete form if properly maintained and used. It can be reuse on several occasion. Because steel concrete form is made of steel it doesn’t absorb moisture from the concrete placed to be formed.

Fig 1: gutter made with steel concrete form

2. Wooden Concrete Form

Wooden concrete form is one of the most conventional type of concrete form. This concrete form consist of wooden boards and it is mainly used for concrete casting that does not exceed 6 inches of height. The wooden boards are screwed or nailed to obtain desired shape for the concrete to mold.

Fig 2: wooden concrete form

3. Concrete Wall Form

Concrete wall form are design with engineering wood and steel framing or made completely with steel. It is pre-manufactured forming system used to cast large area walls, piers and foundations. Concrete wall form comes in different size and shapes which they are attached together with pin or latches.

Fig 3: concrete wall form

4. Foam Concrete Form

Foam concrete form follows the non-traditional methods. It is made of laminated boards, melamine and acrylic glass. The form is obtained by pouring the concrete upside down just to form desired shape when compacted. These forms bring an artistic look to the final concrete cast.

Fig 4: foam concrete  form

5. Insulated Concrete Form

Insulated concrete form with abbreviation (ICF) are made of insulating materials which are fit together like building blocks. Reinforcement is placed within these blocks and filled with concrete of required slump and cast. Insulated concrete form system are constructed on the foundation slab which forms a part of the foundation and the wall systems.


It is expected for the reader to know what to consider before selection of concrete form and where or how the system is used. Read the article on what to consider before selection of concrete form.